Marriage is something will complete your life as a person

You got to married with the love of your life and blessed by God. But some wedding went to divorce because of the wrong choice you made in life. I was in a relationship with David for a year before we decided to get married. He was so kind and humble; that’s why I fall in love with him. I met him in London while buying shoes. As far as I can recall, he asked me about what’s most beautiful to buy in women’s boots since she was to give the shoes to her girlfriend. I have helped him to pick, and he bought it. He was the first one to go out to the store, and when I came out, I found him on a bench, sad and lonely while holding his gift.


I went towards him and asked if he was okay, he nodded, but I know he wasn’t saying Essex Escorts. I sat beside him and told to express what he was feeling. It was painful hearing his ex-just broke up to him. When he’s about to throw the shoes, he remembers to let me wear it. He forced me to, and it’s fit with me. So instead of throwing it, he decided to give it to me since I was the one to pick it. In return, I treat him to eat some snacks. He keeps sharing his sadness he feels inside and listens to his drama says Essex Escorts of He started to cry, but I laugh at him. Because of it, his tears become our joy. We had a great day that moment and asked me if he can still see me. A stranger turn into my best friend.


We became close and spent each day together. We went too drunk and expressed our feelings with each other. We slept together and became official. I have no regrets about what had happened because that was my choice. We went to the next level of our relationship since I get pregnant. Everything was quick to arrive because I know it was the right thing to do says Essex Escorts. I don’t want my child to be born without his father. And because of the thought, I had known him already that much. He cared me during my pregnancy period, and we are both happy. After my child was born, I notice some changes with him. He spent too much with a cell phone and got irritated when the baby cries. He arrives late home and went sleep right away. I found out that he keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriend. We discuss it and finally hear from him that he was still in love with his ex and he needs her. I had to let him go and file a divorce. It was a mistake to get married to David.

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